pre license students new
pre license students new

Become a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO)

A Pre-Licensing Education Course is required to get your MLO License

Jim Montrym's National MLO School is a full service mortgage business school that is here to help you get your Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) License.  As an NMLS Approved Course Provider, we offer the comprehensive training you need to meet your educational requirements and pass the test.  NMLS ID 1400075.

Follow these simple steps below to get started

Step 1 - Set up your NMLS account
Step 2 - Choose your class training format
Step 3 - If choosing Live Class or Live Webinar, schedule your class
Step 4 - Sign up for your State Specific Pre-Licensing Course

Step 1

Set Up Your NMLS Account

Before you can take your National and State Pre-Licensing Courses, and sit for your exams, you need to set up an account on the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS).  Click the button below to visit the NMLS website and register.


Step 2

Choose Your Class Training Format

Live Classroom

Live Classroom
Live Webinar

Live Webinar
Online Video

Video Course
live classroom
live classroom

$389 $299 Use Discount Code 


(Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Melbourne)

Traditional instruction where instructors AND students are located in the same physical location.

The school offers PRIVATE classes (minimum attendees required). Contact the school for details of how to schedule your private class 800-735-8565.

Includes: Textbook, Practice Exams, 8-Hour Audio Review, 2-Hour FL Class (applicable only with full price), $30 NMLS Reporting Fee.


live webinar
live webinar


$389 $299 Use Discount Code A2R4R



Traditional Seminar where the instructor teaches the class live and it is broadcast over the internet and the student participates remotely. The instructor is live, therefore students MUST be present during designated class dates/times.


  • Ability to join, navigate, AND participate in a ZOOM Event.
  • Highspeed Internet (No Dial Up)
  • Working Audio Speakers (Phone dial in is NOT an option)
  • Working Camera (NMLS requires attendees to be on camera – no credit if not)
  • Printed Textbook (PDF is emailed – attendees need to Print)

***Microphone NOT required – all attendees are muted

Includes: PDF Textbook/Practice Exams (emailed 2 business day prior to class), 8-Hour Audio Review (1 business day after registration), 2-hour FL Class (applicable only with full price), $30 NMLS Reporting Fee

Click HERE to Purchase a Printed Book


video courses oil
video courses oil

Online Instructor-Led (OIL)
$235 No Discount Code Needed


Online course with a scheduled start date and end date, which is the window of time you have to work through the course at the time of day that works for you (although we suggest 4-5 hour blocks of time, as we have found this works best). You do not have any set log in times each day. This is a VIDEO course and includes short answer questions and quizzes. There is an instructor, who is available behind the scenes during the course and will be available for questions via email and will review and correct your work along the way to allow you to move forward in the course.

BEGINS: EVERY Wednesday 1:00am EST
ENDS: EVERY Wednesday 11:55pm EST

OFFICE HOURS: Instructor will be ONLINE
Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm EST
Saturday & Sunday email or TEXT 813-373-0531


  1. PDF Textbook & Practice Exams (emailed 1 business day after registration, also available as a link when you start the class).
  2. 8-Hour Audio File (emailed 1 business day after registration, also available as a link when you start the class).
  3. $30 NMLS Credit Bank Fee (reporting hours to NMLS)

NOT INCLUDED:  2-Hour FL Class - with this format, if you need this class, it is a separate purchase 


Step 3

Schedule for Live Classroom & Live Webinar Pre-Licensing Education



NMLS Pre-Licensing Education for MLOs (PE)

Pre-Licensing Education, or New-License Education, is the regulatory education required by each state for getting your Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) license and working in the mortgage industry. Since the beginning of the NMLS, Jim Montrym has been helping new MLOs pass the NMLS Test and get licensed on their first attempt with a high-quality education that is engaging and entertaining.


What is an NMLS License?

The Secure and Fair Enforcement Act, also referred to as the SAFE Act, was passed into law in 2008 in response to the subprime mortgage crisis. The SAFE Act was created to protect consumers and encourage states to develop minimum standards for mortgage loan originators. As a result of the SAFE Act, the Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) was created. The NMLS is a centralized, federal data repository that holds information related to loan officers, finance companies, and mortgage companies. In order to become a MLO, you’ll need to get an NMLS license.

The SAFE Act requires:

  • All residential MLOs to be either federally registered or state-licensed.
  • An MLO who is employed through a federally-insured depository institution, credit union, or a federally-supervised subsidiary, must be registered on the national level through the NMLS.

Your NMLS license gives you a unique identifying number that allows state and federal regulators to track and supervise mortgage and mortgage-related data. Think of your unique identifier as your mortgage social security number.  Whether you’re licensed or registered, the unique identifier follows you from the beginning to the end of your career. This helps prevent bad actors within the industry from approving questionable or fraudulent loans and staying undetected by applying to multiple states.

NMLS New License State Requirements

Many states have different mortgage education requirements, so it’s very important to ensure that you’re approved to originate loans in the right state. The NMLS provides its company users with state-specific documents required to be sent in as part of the initial licensing process.

nmls logo
nmls logo

State-specific requirements might include the following:

  • Fingerprint cards
  • Financial statements
  • Net worth information
  • Pre-licensing education
  • Loan officer licensing
  • Continuing education
  • Mortgage industry experience
  • Compensation format requirements

As you can see, it’s important to research your state laws before going to the NMLS. NMLS requirements by state differ, so keep track of what you need to become an MLO.  And remember, the NMLS is not a regulatory body, the state regulators still make the ultimate licensing decision.

The following states require a state-specific course along with our National Pre-Licensing Education Course:  AZ, CA-DFPI, CO, CT, DC, HI, ID, MD, MA, MI, MS, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC-BFI, SC-DCA, TN, TX-SML, VT, WA.  If you will originate loans in any of these states, you will be required to take each state's course.
Click the button below to choose the state course or courses you need.
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"I want to thank you, Jim Montrym’s National Mortgage Loan Originator School. I took your course and did exactly what Jim Montrym’s suggested and I passed my exam the first time. I also want to thank Jim for making the course videos interestingly humorous at times! I loved his old school (very knowledgeable), straight to the point approach. Everything just clicked. The best investment I ever made!"

Yvette Pagan Fermin

Company Mailing Address:
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Phone: 800-735-8565
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Office Hours:
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